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Latest Posts

  1. Trapeze, Silks, Pole, Handstands, and more… what we teach at Sky Candy!

    Sky Candy is East Austin’s own aerial and circus arts studio! While most of the classes we offer are in the aerial arts, we also offer classes in a wide range of other circus and performance arts- check it out! Classes for Beginners Whether you want to try the aerial arts for fun or take your first […]

  2. Intensive Camp Photos and Videos

    A few weeks ago, our first ever group of Intensive Camp participants performed their end of week showcase at the Zach Scott’s Kleburg Theater- we couldn’t be prouder of the amazing routines these young ladies put together, and we want to share the results of their hard work with you! Here are some pictures and […]

  3. For Male Aerialists: The Junk Post

    Welcome to a guest post by our resident male studio director and aerial teacher, Andy! Andy knows well the unique challenges that male aerialists face, and he’s here to give you some tips about how to handle the, um, package in your aerial work. “Are you a male aerialist? Do you on occasion cry out […]

  4. To Branch Out, or Not To Branch Out: Aerial Monogamy vs. Polyamory

    “I’ve been taking lyra for a year now, and I’m kind of curious about silks- should I stick with lyra and keep getting better at it, or try something new, even though I’ll be a beginner again?” “I’ve taken Intro to Verticals and Intro to Horizontals, and I love all of the apparatuses- do I need […]

  5. Do you have your Swings Asunder tickets yet?

    We are just two days away from opening our world premier aerial dance production Swings Asunder at the Rollins Theater at the Long Center- do you have your tickets yet? Get your tickets today!

  6. Swings Asunder opens this Saturday evening!

    We are thrilled to announce that our world premier aerial dance production Swings Asunder opens this Saturday evening at the Rollins Theater at the Long Center- check out these rehearsal pics by Ryan Obermeyer and get your tickets now!

  7. Guest blog post: Ginger Snaps on big boobs and aerials!

    Welcome to a series of blog posts about the different challenges and rewards posed by different body types in aerials! For our first post, we turn to our resident burlesque instructor Ginger Snaps for a discussion on the challenges faced by aerialists with, shall we say, more going on in the chest area… aka big […]

  8. New staff spotlight: Leeloo!

    So there we were in the Sky Candy studio, minding our own business, when suddenly we heard a giant crash, followed by the sight of something plummeting through our roof! Thankfully, whatever it was landed safely on the big red crash mat. We approached the mat, and there she was… a brand new studio director, […]