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  1. Circus Circuit Challenge Testimonials

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    PushUpOur first ever Circus Circuit Challenge is winding down this week, and our students are singing the praises of this tri-weekly intensive circus fitness class!

    “What I loved most about the Circus Circuit is that I have become stronger faster than I ever thought I would- I’ve made so much progress so quickly! And it burns in all the right places.” -Cy

     “The Circus Circuit Challenge is great! It is a great price and it is nice to have a set workout time in place. Thanks to this series class I can execute a pullover on the trapeze without using the ropes, hold a plank for longer than I thought possible, and so much more. I have definitely gotten stronger/more toned in just 3 1/2 weeks. This class has been extremely valuable to my aerial practice and I plan to take this series again.” -Heidi

    Circus Circuit Challenge has been an amazing month of workouts. I already do a lot of different physical activities, but Colleen has found ways to bring new, tough (but achievable) challenges to every class. We have fun, laugh, and work really hard. During this class I have accomplished several things I never thought I could do, including climbing a silk (UNASSISTED!) and a (very, very tiny) pullup from pike on the trapeze. The only bad thing about the class is that it has to come to an end! Boo!” -Eve

    After taking the Circus Circuit Challenge, I spend more time than is really necessary admiring my new muscles. Colleen manages to encourage and drive her students without being pushy or overbearing. This class has produced such good results for me that I’m planning on taking it again!” -Alison

    Our next Circus Circuit Challenge starts the week of July 14th- sign up here!

  2. How to sign up for classes


    Want to sign up for classes at Sky Candy? Good decision! ;) Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started.

    Step 1: Create a profile on our Mindbody page.

    Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.25.40 PM

    You can always get to our Mindbody page by clicking on the orange “Register for Classes” button at the top of our homepage.

    Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.47.53 PM

    To create your Mindbody profile, click on the “Sign up” link on the top right of the Mindbody page. You can either log in with your facebook profile, or enter your information manually.

    Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.25.52 PM

    Make sure to enter ALL of your information, including your birthday, so that the system will work properly when you sign up for classes. We also strongly encourage you to enter your e-mail address- this doesn’t put you on an e-mail list, and it does ensure that we can get ahold of you about any issues related to your Sky Candy classes.

    Step 2: Pick which type of class you would like to sign up for (Drop-in, Six-Week Series, Private Lesson, Open Studio, or Workshop) and go to the corresponding tab on the top of your Mindbody page.

    Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.41.44 PM

    Step 3: Choose which class you’d like to sign up for, and click the “Sign up now” button.

    Step 4: Use Mindbody’s easy check-out system to pay in advance- you can even store your encrypted credit card information on the site to make future transactions even easier.

    Step 5: Come to class at our studio, check in with the front desk, and get flyin’!

    Have any questions about signing up for classes? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.

  3. Sign up now for our January Six-Week Series!

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    6-week series imageWe’re getting ready to ring in the New Year here at Sky Candy, which means we’re also gearing up for a brand new Six-Week Series, starting January 6th! Our January Series is up on Mindbody and filling up fast, so make sure you sign up soon for your favorite Series classes!

    As you may have seen, we are raising prices in 2014- but for a limited time only, you have the opportunity to get your 2014 Series at this year’s pricing for a savings of $30! Another money-saving Series opportunity for our committed students is our ‘Tis The Series Package- buy five Series classes at 2014 prices and get a sixth for free! Both of these discounts are only available until December 31st, so sign up for your Series classes soon!

  4. December at Sky Candy

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    Kelly Jo silks happyWe know it’s hard to believe, but December and the holidays are coming up fast! As our last Series of 2013 has come to an end this week, we know that y’all are wondering what aerial offerings will be available for you in December. Well, let us enlighten you! We’ve decided to focus on workshops, intensives and drop-in classes for the month of December, since we’ve found that the holidays tend to be a bit hectic for everyone, and no-one (including our teachers!) is able to commit to a series class. We will be re-introducing our aerial drop-in classes in December and trying out some new, more targeted Conditioning classes, as well as continuing to offer our usual range of Flexibility and Handstands classes. Check out our Drop-in and Open Studio page for the full Drop-in schedule, and consider an Unlimited Drop-in Pass as an alternative to a Series class for the next month.

    December will also be the the month of workshops at Sky Candy- we’re still finalizing dates and times, but you can expect a wide variety of workshops and intensives from your favorite Sky Candy teachers as well as visiting teachers such as Xochitl Sosa and Kelly Jo Stull. Some of the workshops are already up on our Mindbody site, so have a look and reserve your spots now!

  5. Sky Candy in the East Austin Studio Tour


    EAST banner








    We are pleased to announce that Sky Candy is an official stop on the 2013 East Austin Studio Tour! Here are some of the many amusements and delights we are planning for the weekends of November 16th/17 and 23rd/24th.

    -Upside Down Photo Booth! We’ll have photographers Caroline Poe and Rich Merritt on hand to snap shots of you on your favorite apparatus against a circus background. Never been upside down before? This is a great time to try it! We’ll have you flipped upside down and loving it in no time, with photographic proof for your friends (and your facebook profile)! Our friends at Treasure City Thrift Shop will also be on-hand with a rack of fabulous costumes for you to pose in.

    -Aerial performances! All four EAST weekend days at 1:30pm, be prepared to be amazed by the aerial daring of our Studio Company members and teachers! The performances are FREE, but there will be the opportunity to donate to help us pay our talented performers. Then, make sure you stick around for our…

    -$10 Intro to Aerial Skills classes! This is a great opportunity to try out the aerial arts for the first time- all aerial newbies are welcome at this introductory level aerial class. Classes will be held all four EAST weekend days from 2:30-4pm- spaces are limited, so reserve yours now!

    Plus $1/minute Chair Massages by the fabulous Julie Moore, plenty of Open Studio for our dedicated students, and more!

    While you’re at the studio, make sure you check out the many other fantastic studios in our building, including Hops and Grain, East Side Glass Studio, MASS Gallery, ASPCO, and more! We’ll see you at EAST!

  6. Four-week Series Questions Answered

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    Caroline pole 7We’ve had some questions about our upcoming four-week series, so here is an attempt to answer the most frequently asked ones. Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, 512-800-4998, or by leaving a comment on this post.

    Q: I see that a lot of the classes are only an hour long- will there still be six students in those classes?

    A: Our hour-long classes have a maximum of three students. We have found that a three-student, hour-long class allows each student to get more air-time and more individualized attention. Our 90-minute classes will still have a class size of six students.

    Q: Will the warm-ups still be as long as a 90-minute class?

    A: For our 90-minute classes, we make sure to run thorough, 20-25 minute warm-ups. For our hour-long classes, we run slightly shorter, but still thorough warm-ups of 10-15 minutes, allowing for more air-time per student.

    Q: A four-week series is $100, but a six-week series is $120- so the price per class has gone up?

    A: Yes, the price has been raised from $20/class to $25/class. Our class prices are currently the lowest you’ll find anywhere, and we are in the process of raising them to market levels in order to maintain the sustainability of our studio. Don’t worry, our priority is to stay affordable, but in order to maintain our high standards of safety and instruction we need to raise our prices a bit. We do have an opportunity for you to save some money on our upcoming Series classes- just use discount codes 8FALL2013 for $40 off the $200 4 Week (8 class) series and 4FALL2013 for $20 off the $100 4 Week (4 class) series. These codes are only valid until October 20th, so sign up soon!

    Q: I heard a rumor that some of the classes will be offered twice a week…

    A: You heard correctly! We are offering four-week, eight-class intensives in Silks 1, Lyra 1, Silks 3, Trapeze 3, Single Point Trapeze, Trapeze 2, Lyra 3, Burlesque Performance, Lyra 2, and Silks 2.

    Q: I can only come to classes during the evening. Why don’t you offer more evening classes?

    A: We have found that in order to maintain the quality of our classes and keep the distraction and noise-level down, we need to limit the number of classes being held in the space at any given time, especially the evening. We try our best to offer a selection of classes throughout the day, depending on the availability of our teachers. If you cannot make the time of your favorite class, we recommend looking into hour-long regular private lessons, which you can share with up to two other students.

    Q: When will you start offering Pole classes again?

    A: This coming Series! We are offering Intro to Pole, Pole 1, and Pole 2 classes with incredible pole artist Caroline Poe- you can sign up for those series here!

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  7. Save $20 on our New Series Classes: Fast Track Intro to Aerials!


    Betsy hammock cropWe’re trying out something new for our October/November Series- Fast Track Intro to Vertical and Horizontal Series classes! Take your first steps toward aerial glory in a shorter time-frame, and learn all of the basics of Silks, Rope and Hammock or Lyra and Trapeze in just a month. Our Intro Series are a great way to start building your comfort in the air and gaining the strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence to progress in the apparatus of your choice.

    For a limited time only, we’re offering a special discount for our Fast Track Intro Series- get $20 off when you use discount code INTRO2013! Make sure you sign up soon, because this discount expires on October 10th, 2013. 

    And we know the New Year is still a few months away, but if you want to make the commitment to the aerial arts in 2014 (and why wouldn’t you?), our Fast Track Intro Series will enable you to start at Level 1 with the apparatus of your choice in January. Try out our Fast Track Intro to Vertical and Intro to Horizontal Series classes during Drop-in Week, October 21st-27th, then start your Four-week Intro Series the week of October 28th. Not sure what classes to take until the Intro Series start? Check out our Drop-in Classes, including Intro to Aerial Skills, Flexibility, Aerial Conditioning, Handstands and more! If you have questions about our Fast Track Intro Series, feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 512-800-4998.

  8. Horizontal vs. Vertical: Which is right for you?


    As you’re starting your aerial career at Sky Candy, you may wonder why we have two different Intro series classes, Intro to Vertical and Intro to Horizontal. Which one is right for you, and which apparatuses fall under each class? Well, let us enlighten you!

    When we say Vertical Apparatus, we mean apparatuses that you can climb, such as the Silks and Rope.










    When we say Horizontal Apparatus, we mean apparatuses that you can balance on, such as the Trapeze and Lyra.










    Hammock is unique in that it combines attributes of both the Verticals and Horizontals- for the purposes of our Intro series, we group Hammock with the Verticals.













    Each apparatus has its own unique aesthetic and style, and most aerialists tend to have fairly strong preferences for either Verticals or Horizontals. For instance, if you like making shapes around a rigid or semi-rigid structure, Horizontals might be for you- if you prefer your apparatus to make shapes around you, Verticals are probably more your speed. In any case, the best way to discover your apparatus affinity is to come out and give them a try! A good way to do this is to come to an Intro to Aerial Skills class, where you can try all of the apparatuses we offer and decide which ones you like best.

    One more note about Horizontal vs. Vertical: while it may be fun to envision a West Side Story-esque battle of the Verticalists vs. the Horizontalists, the truth is that in practice most aerialists dabble in multiple apparatuses, both vertical and horizontal. Not only does cross-training in different apparatuses increase your breadth of experience as an aerialist, it also enables you to develop your muscles in a more varied way that can help your progression in all apparatuses. So if you’ve only ever done trapeze or lyra, why not give the silks a try, or vice versa? At the least, it’ll be an edifying experience- and who knows, you might discover a new apparatus to love!

  9. Come Get Flexible with Xochitl Sosa!

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    Xochitl SplitsAs all aerialists know, the two pillars of a healthy and safe aerial practice are strength and flexibility. If you’re currently focusing on increasing your flexibility, we have lots of options to help you take your stretch factor to the next level!

    Come learn how to achieve new levels of bendiness in NECCA grad Xochitl Sosa‘s Flexibility and Pressure Point release workshop! Participants will work on increasing leg and back flexibility as well as learning how to utilize pressure points to increase mobility and prevent injuries in the shoulders and back. This two-part workshop will take place on Tuesday September 3rd and Tuesday September 10th from 7:30-8:30pm, and costs just $50 for two one-hour sessions. Sign up now!

    If you’re already pretty bendy and want to build strength to help stabilize your joints, or if you want to work on building your back and core strength to increase the depth of your stretching, check out Contortion Conditioning with Chelsea Laumen! This four-week series meets on Tuesdays at 7:30pm September 17th-October 8th- reserve your spot now!

    If you can’t make it to Xochitl’s workshop or Chelsea’s series, you can always drop by our four weekly drop-in Flexibility classes- from Beginner to Advanced, we have a flexibility class just for you! Happy stretching!

  10. Drop-in Week Starts Today!

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    Drop-in WeekThis week is an exciting time at Sky Candy, and a good time to come check us out if you’ve been thinking about taking a Six-week Series- it’s Drop-in Week!

    For this one week only, every aerial class we offer is available to you on a drop-in basis. So if there’s a specific apparatus you’ve been wanting to try, or if you’re wondering whether a floor class like Burlesque Performance would be a good fit for you, you can come take a sample class and see how you like it!  All of our Intro Level and Level 1 series classes are available to try out during Drop-in Week!

    During Drop-in Week, we highly recommend getting an Unlimited Drop-in Pass for only $50 (weekly) or $120 (monthly). The weekly pass pays for itself after just two classes, or five classes for a monthly pass, so get yours today! If you have any questions about Drop-in Week or any of our classes, feel free to give us a call at 512-800-4998 or e-mail us at

    Check out our full Drop-in and Open Studio schedule here.