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  1. NEW: Class Level Assessments

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    Sky Candy logoIf you have prior aerial experience and want to come take classes with us at Sky Candy, we have some good news for you! We’ve just added a 30-Minute Assessment option to our private lessons, so that you can get some personalized attention from one of our instructors and a recommendation of which class would be appropriate for you to take.

    30-Minute Assessments are available in Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Hammock, Rope and Pole, as well as Flexibility/Contortion. We recommend that you book your Assessment with the teacher whose class you would like to enter. If you have any questions about booking your Assessment, feel free to contact

    Book your Assessment here!

  2. Sky Candy Wins Big at COTAC!

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    Huge congratulations to our Sky Candy students and teachers who competed in the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships this weekend- every one of them came home a winner, and we are so proud! Check out this Sky Candy sweep:

    Amateur Trapeze
    Amber Bates- Best Tricks
    Bianca Salinas- Best Flexibility, First Runner Up
    Jessica Cochran- Audience Favorite, Winner!

    Partner Trapeze
    Caroline Poe and Donnesh Amrollah- Winners!

    Amateur Lyra
    Katie Navarro- Best Musicality, Audience Favorite

    If you didn’t make it to the competition and want to see the routines, you’re in luck- check out all of the Friday night videos below!

    CD vimeo image

    Congratulations again, we love you Sky Candies!

  3. Registration now open for Summer Sky Camp for Kids and Youth


    Summer sky camp image 2014Sign up here!

    Attention all parents! Registration is now open for our Summer Sky Camp for Kids and Youth! If your 6-9 or 10-14 year old would enjoy a week learning trapeze, silks, acrobatics, juggling, and more, sign them up now! The circus arts are a great way for kids to build strength, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence, all while making new friends and having a great time.

    Summer Sky Camps

    Sky Camp for Kids Ages 6-9
    June 9-13th 9am-3pm, with Saturday morning showcase for family and friends

    Sky Camp for Pre-teens and Teens Ages 10-14
    June 23rd-27th 9am-3pm, with Saturday morning showcase for family and friends

    Sky Camp for Pre-teens and Teens Ages 10-14
    July 21st-25th 9am-3pm, with Saturday morning showcase for family and friends

    Sky Camp for Kids Ages 6-9
    August 4-8th 9am-3pm, with Saturday morning showcase for family and friends

    For more information and to register, click here.

  4. Website Maintenance Alert

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    Hey y’all! In our eternal quest to always make things better, we’re going to be doing some retooling of our website today and tonight. You can expect some changes in the layout of our main page as well as the menus. Don’t be alarmed, the information will still be there- it will just be in a new and hopefully more logical place. Thanks for your patience, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


    Sky Candy

  5. Johnson’s Backyard Garden at Sky Candy

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    Exciting news- Sky Candy is now an official pick-up site for Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program! We are very excited to partner with this amazing local company to help make fresh, organic, local food available to our community.

    As all aerialists know, a healthy, balanced diet is essential to maintaining a successful aerial practice. Without the necessary “fuel” for our workouts, we are at risk for fatigue and injury, so it is very important to make sure that we eat smart and healthy. JBG’s CSA program provides a win-win situation for aerialists- their delicious, local vegetables and eggs help ensure that we get all of the necessary vitamins and proteins we need to build strong muscles, and our membership ensures that this extraordinary local business continues to thrive even through the seasonal ups and downs inherent to organic farming.

    Johnson’s CSA members can pick up their shares at Sky Candy every Thursday between 1:30pm and 10pm. For more information about how a CSA works or to sign up to be a CSA member, visit the JBG website.

  6. New Sky Candy Pricing for 2014


    Julia iron crossHere at the Sky Candy studio, our priority has always been to share our love of the aerial and circus arts with our community by offering safe, fun, and affordable classes, and we like to think that we do a pretty good job! In addition to being a fun-loving circus community, however, we are also a small business, and as with any business, we must find a balance between offering our customers low prices and maintaining our sustainability as a studio. Right now, we are one of the least expensive aerial studios in the country, with small class sizes, a high standard of safety, and some of the best-paid teachers- unfortunately, this is not a sustainable situation, and our current pricing structure will compromise our sustainability as a business if we continue with it much longer. In order to maintain the high quality of training and safety that you expect from us, we need to raise our prices in the new year- but don’t worry, our priority is still affordability for our students! We have simply increased our rates to be closer to market rates for aerial and circus arts classes in Austin and across the country.

    What this means for our students is that you have a great opportunity in front of you- for the rest of December, you have the opportunity to lock in our 2013 pricing when you buy classes to use in 2014! For instance, if you buy a Series class now to use in January, you’ll be saving yourself $30! Or better yet, take advantage of our ‘Tis The Series Holiday Package and save $150 when you buy five Series classes!

    Here is a run-down of the new prices of some of our most popular items- you can find a complete list of our new prices here.

    Drop-in Aerial Class (60-90 min): $30
    Drop-in Floor-Based Class (60-90 min): $25
    Open Studio: $15
    6-Week Series: $150
    Unlimited Drop-in OR Open Studio Pass (week): $60
    Unlimited Drop-in OR Open Studio Pass (month): $150
    Unlimited Drop-in AND Open Studio Pass (month): $200
    Private Lesson: $60 (1 person) / $70 (2 people) / $75 (3 people)

    Questions about our new pricing? Ask away! You can always reach us by e-mail at or by phone at 512-800-4998.

    Much love,
    Sky Candy

  7. Sky Candy rocks it at Miss Texas Pole Star!

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    This past weekend, Sky Candy made a field trip to Dallas to compete in the 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star competition, and we can safely say that we rocked the heck out of it! We are so proud of all of the Sky Candy ladies that competed:

    Amateur Silks: Jamie Roberts (first-place winner!)

    Professional Silks: Joanna Wright (first runner-up), Chelsea Laumen, Winnie Hsia

    Lyra: Julie Cullen (People’s Choice winner), Marisa Pisano

    Pole (fitness): Caroline Poe

    Pole (doubles): Caroline Poe and Marisa Pisano

    For those of you who couldn’t make it to Dallas, here are some pictures of our Sky Candies rockin’ it- all photos by Don Curry. Make sure you come to our Student Showcase on Sunday October 20th at 7pm, where our Sky Candy competitors will do an encore performance of their routines, joined by special guest and Professional Silks winner Maya Kaough!


  8. Audition for Upcoming Sky Candy Show Cosmicomics!

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    Cosmicomics imageAUDITION NOTICE!

    We are thrilled to announce that Sky Candy, east Austin’s aerial and circus arts company, will be collaborating with acclaimed Austin theatre director Rudy Ramirez on an aerial theatre production of ‘Cosmicomics’, Italo Calvino’s beloved collection of short stories. We are looking for actors, aerialists, and other circus artists to collaborate with us and perform in this exciting show!

    ‘Cosmicomics’ will run June 20th-29th 2014 at the Rollins Theater, with bi-weekly workshops starting as early as November and rehearsals starting in late April. Audition times are as follows:

    Friday November 1st 8-10pm
    Saturday November 2nd 4-10pm
    CALLBACKS Sunday November 3rd noon-4pm

    Aerialists/circus artists: Please prepare a 3-minute aerial or circus routine to show. You also have the option to prepare a comic monologue, and you should be prepared to read sides (lines) at the audition.

    Actors: Please prepare a comic monologue and be prepared to read sides.

    ‘Cosmicomics’ is an aerial theatre adaptation of Italo Calvino’s beloved collection of short stories. In the words of the director, “‘Cosmicomics’ will draw from the aesthetics of silent film, commedia dell’arte and turn-of-the-century circus arts to tell these stories of climbing ladders to the moon, the love-life of the last living dinosaur, and why the ultimate answer to the question “Why are we here?” just might be “pasta.”

    If you are interested in auditioning, please e-mail Joanna at and specify which day and time works best for you.

  9. New at Sky Candy: Clif bars and Gatorade!

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    A few months ago, we sent out a survey asking what we could do to make Sky Candy more awesome. One of the requests from our students was for us to sell snacks and drinks other than water, and behold, it has come to pass! You can now stop by the snazzy fridge at the front desk

    noah fridge













    and snag a refreshing post-workout beverage

    caroline izze






















    or even a during-workout snack! (NOTE: We do not recommend eating while in the air, it just made a cool picture.)

    lily clif bar





















    Here’s the full list of drinks and snacks we now offer for sale

    Water- $1
    Coconut water- $2
    Gatorade (Orange, Lemon-lime or Fruit Punch)- $2
    Izze sparkling water (Blackberry, Clementine or Apple)- $1.50
    Kids’ Juice boxes (Grape, Berry Lemonade, Apple or Fruit Punch)- $1.50
    Clif Bars (Crunchy Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip)- $1
    Gluten-free Larabars (Apple, Cherry or Peanut Butter Cookie)- $1

    Happy snacking!

  10. New Space for Sky Candy

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    As we’ve grown over the past three years, Sky Candy has travelled and expanded through many spaces. From an outdoor rig at The Vortex Theatre –

    Vortex rig











    to an un-heated warehouse –

    Flipside warehouse combo










    to an un-air conditioned warehouse –

    Tillery warehouse combo










    to our fabulous current space!

    SC studio





















    As happy as we are with our studio at 507 Calles St., we are always looking to expand, offering more and better-quality classes for our students. That’s why we’ve taken the next step in our expansion and started holding classes at the yoga studio of the Eastside Austin Elite MMA and Fitness gym down the hall!

    mma gym flex












    Most of our ground-based classes such as Flexibility and Handstands now take place at Eastside Austin Elite, which leaves our smaller back room, formerly known as Land Candy, free for more aerial classes on our two brand-new rig points.

    Land and sky candy















    In the future, we hope to expand to an additional location, but for now, we’re happy to be holding even more classes at 507 Calles St!