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Austin, TX 78702
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  • Foundation of Hoop Dance with Sami List

    Register for Foundation of Hoop Dance with Sami List

    Student level: Never tried hooping before or feeling rusty? We’d love to teach you! All students welcome!
    Price: $30
    Date and Time: Sunday August 10th, noon-1:30pm

    In this workshop we will get you started waist hooping and focus on the beginner level movements within the hoop. If you’ve never hooped before or want to take your first steps towards turning your flow into dance this will be our focus. We will work on movement, balance, lifts and lowers. There will be time towards the second half of the workshop to accommodate special requests where I will help you refine those moves you’ve been struggling with and adapt them into your flow. This means working both hands and at least attempting both directions in order to find the best transitions for you and your flow.

    Hoops will be provided.

  • Wobbles, Weaves and a Wedgie with Sami List

    Register for Wobbles, Weaves and a Wedgie with Sami List

    Student level: Familiarity with weaves/figure 8′s, chest and/or shoulder hooping. Additional hoops will be available if needed.
    Price: $40
    Date and Time: Sunday August 10th, 2-4pm

    For proficient hoopers wanting to taking those beginner skills to the next level. The wobble is one of my favorite moves I learned by accident and have perfected over time. We will start with the basics of the schmere and move onto the no handed wobble made popular by local hoop star Caterina Suttin. Weaves or figure 8′s are one of the most popular off body hoop movements because of their diversity and versatility. We’ll go through several variations of the weaves including forward, to the side, the switch and even a few combos integrating the weaves with barrel rolls and mandala. Last but not least we’ll plant the seeds of wedgies as promoted by international hoop mentor Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad. Bring your favorite practice hoop or two.