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  • Duo Trapeze for Lovers (and Friends!) with Colleen Tabolt

    Register for Duo Trapeze for Lovers (and Friends!) with Colleen Tabolt
    Price: $60/ per person. Each person in the duo must register.
    Location: Sky Candy Main Studio
    Prerequisites: Must bring a partner. Should be athletically inclined. Trapeze experience not required.
    Looking for something more exciting than chocolate and roses this Valentine’s Day? Join Colleen and Carolyn for our duo trapeze workshop!
    During this group class you and your sweetheart or best buddy will learn such skills as the angel catcher, seesaw, and sleeping beauty. You’ll also get to practice basic partnership skills like communication, trust and forgiveness. It will include working with your partner on timing, balancing, and learning to give and take weight. We will explore a variety of basing positions and shapes.
    This two-hour workshop includes a guided warm-up, instruction in skills and technique, and you’re welcome to take photos on the trapeze as a keepsake!
  • Feldenkrais Method with Elaine Dove

    Register for Feldenkrais Method with Elaine Dove
    Location: Sky Candy reVamped Studio, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez
    Price: $60 for 2 hours
    Date and time: Monday March 14th, 3-5pm
    Prerequisites: Everyone is welcome!
    Sky Candy welcomes Elaine Dove, who brings us this wonderful workshop incorporating movement and body awareness into a holistic healing and balancing method! She explains Feldenkrais:
    “Feldenkrais differs from the medical model in that rather than having a “prescription” for a problem, I look at what’s going on with you globally. The four foundations of Feldenkrais are thinking, feeling, sensing, and acting (moving), so all of these are taken into account.
    The question we ask is not, “What’s wrong with you?” but “Where do you want to go?” It’s a different way of thinking, one that is non-linear and explores possibilities instead of pathologies.
    To be quite frank with you, I think once upon a time medicine was less linear than it is now; it’s simply that our current health care system favors short-term, linear approaches and so this is what most providers are forced to give you whether they agree with it or not. But good practitioners have always known that healing is a process with many twists and turns. What we do in Feldenkrais is navigate those twists and turns with grace and intelligence and curiosity.
    The flexibility of the whole person, physical, emotional, spiritual–and the integration of that knowledge into a healthier life is what I aspire to help you develop. It’s important to me that the people I teach each find their unique way of becoming their own teacher. I view myself as a guide accompanying a person’s learning and growth process, rather than as a “fixer” or therapist of any kind. Ultimately, the power to transform comes from inside of you. What I do is gently direct and shape some of the pathways that allow your power to grow, develop, and self-express.”
  • Silk Cloud Swing with Michele Frances

    Register for Silk Cloud Swing with Michele Frances
    Are you ready to glide in the air!? Michele Frances’ Silk Cloud Swing Workshop is for intermediate students who would like to spice up their aerial practice. The Silk Cloud Swing is like a hammock, but hung from two points which adds a whole level of lateral and front to back movement. Learn entrances, rolls, balances and dynamic transitions.
    Prerequisites: Must have completed a Level 2 series in any apparatus. Must have clean inversion/straddle hold in the air.
    Price: $60 for 90 minutes
    Location: Sky Candy Main Studio, 507 Calles St.
    Date and Time: Sun 2/21/2016 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Unlock Your Stuck with Katie Navarro

    Register for Unlock Your Stuck with Katie Navarro
    Do you feel like you are stuck on an aerial goal? In this 90-minute conditioning workshop with licensed P.T Katie Navarro, we will work on a set of exercises to increase strength and body awareness.
    Prerequisites: Open to all levels
    Price: $60 for 2 hours
    Location: Sky Candy reVamped, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez
    Date and Time: Sat 3/5/2016 1:00 pm – 3 pm